They Shoot Slackers, Don’t They? – The Atomic TV Classic

Atomic TV Classic racing program

Pimlico Race Course
June 16, 2001

By Tom Warner (Accelerated Decrepitude, 1/4/2011)

I was was doing some winter cleaning last night, realizing — after the Hillendale firemen came to check if I had a gas leak (not to worry! I live to sleep another night without errant carbon monoxide gas getting me) — that my House O’ Hoarding represented a textbook firetrap environment. In the course of my subsequent garbage sweep, I came across a number of beloved items I hadn’t seen in years, including this 2001 horse racing program from my unemployed slacker days as a railbird at Pimlico racetrack — back when my Atomic TV cohort Scott Huffines was also gainfully unemployed.

No kidding – Scott and I really were unemployable bums (see below)…

Scott and Tom, hedging their bets

…though I preferred the term “jobless reprobate” and even printed up my own cards (as shown below) to hand out to potential racetrack contacts and useful touts.

Tom Warner, Jobless Reprobate

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