Happy John Waters Day! (February 7th)

It’s John Waters Day somewhere
But it’s a little weird, just as it should be

By Michael Ollove (The Baltimore Sun, 2/7/2004)

We’re sitting in our office the other day when an e-mail arrives from the New Museum in New York informing us of an upcoming exhibit of still photographs by Baltimore’s own filmmaker, John Waters. The message informs us that the exhibition opens Feb. 7 – today – coinciding with John Waters Day in Baltimore.

Hmmm, we think, it’s gratifying to share the work of a favorite son with the rest of the world, but what’s this about a John Waters Day? We have one of those?

Just as we begin pulling out our calendars to see if we’ve overlooked a chance to celebrate something, another e-mail arrives. This one is also from New York – from a syndicated public radio program called Studio 360. It seems that Waters is scheduled to appear on the show, which is carried locally on WYPR, and their publicist wants to know if The Sun could include this program among other listings of events celebrating John Waters Day on Feb. 7.

Other listings? We have no other listings of John Waters Day events.

It only gets stranger. Yesterday, we open our New York Times to find the paper wishing everyone a Happy John Waters Day today.

Now this is weird. All of New York seems to be aware that we have a John Waters Day here in Baltimore, but it’s totally news to us.

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