F-117 Stealth Jet Crashes At Airshow In Middle River, 1997

Stealth jet crashes at air show
Fighter hits house in Bowleys Quarters

Neighbors Evacuated
Pilot ‘Really Sorry’
Witnesses report seeing F-117A break up in midair

By Peter Hermann, Baltimore Sun, 9/15/1997

An Air Force F-117A stealth fighter jet performing at a Baltimore County air show yesterday afternoon broke apart in midair and crashed into a home in Middle River as thousands of horrified spectators watched.

The pilot ejected safely, but about a dozen people on the ground were slightly injured. An unoccupied single-family house in Bowleys Quarters was destroyed in the crash and ensuing fire. At least one other house, a camper, car and a truck also burned.

“We were watching this stealth fighter go through its maneuvers,” said Glenn Dowell, who lives two doors from the crash site. “It did a dip and started to head straight up. And then the wing fell off.”

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