Championship ring is returned to Colts legend

Art Donovan’s ring was taken during trip to Hong Kong in 1977

By Peter Hermann and Edward Lee (Baltimore Sun, 8/24/11)

Colts legend Art Donovan never thought he’d get his ring back.

The cherished keepsake of the 1958 NFL championship game — often called “the greatest game ever played” — was stolen from a Hong Kong hotel room in 1977. Donovan assumed it was gone forever.

But 34 years later, the ring has been returned to its rightful owner after it showed up for sale on the Internet. A Howard County police detective followed up on a tip and found the ring, engraved with the defensive tackle’s name and jersey number, listed for $25,000 on Craigslist.

“I hoped the one who stole it had fun with it,” Donovan, 86, said on Tuesday. “What can you do? Life goes on. People want to ask, ‘Did you weep?’ There’s a lot more things in this world that are more serious than losing a ring.”

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