Sea Foam During Hurricane Irene – Not Raw Sewage

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Contrary to media reports, Ocean City never experienced raw sewage leak or spill. Wastewater treatment plant was offline during hurricane.

Ocean City, Md. (Aug. 31, 2011) – We love a good joke in Ocean City, but this week one is coming at the expense of the town. Ocean City and WTTG-TV reporter Tucker Barnes are internet sensations thanks to natural occurring sea foam created by Hurricane Irene. Media outlets are inaccurately reporting that the sea foam was raw sewage stemming from a leak of the Ocean City Wastewater Treatment Plant. This is false information. The Ocean City Wastewater Treatment Plant was taken offline Saturday, Aug. 27 at 6 p.m. to prevent potential spills or leakage.

Sea foam is a natural and common occurrence in the ocean with sand, wind and waves. Ocean City prides itself on the cleanliness of our beach and natural resources. The town tests water quality frequently and consistently receives top ratings from the Natural Resources Defense Council for beach and water cleanliness.

There was never a sewage leak or spill in Ocean City and our beaches opened for swimming the day after the hurricane. We respectfully request that media outlets who inaccurately reported that the sea foam was sewage, issue a correction.

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