Towson Priest Busted With Pants Down in Adult Theater

Father Stew was stewing in his own juices sans pants at Bush River Books & Movies in Abingdon

By Evann Gastaldo (, 1/23/2012)

Father Mark Stewart Bullock went from priest at the Church of the Immaculate Conception to creepy guy standing around pants-less in a porn shop, Baltimore cops say. Police say they responded to complaints of indecent exposure and found Bullock, nude from the waist down, inside a movie theater at the store. He has since been removed from duty at his church, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Bush River Books & Video Snack Bar (WBAL-TV)

Bullock was on a couch, “his pants completely off,” according to a police report; he “was not wearing any underwear and [was] exposing his penis” in a public area. He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. The Baltimore Archdiocese removed Bullock’s “faculties to function as a priest and initiated an investigation to learn more about the incident,” reads a letter to parishioners.

Was Father Stew a "Birds" fan?

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