Meet Mr. Pilsner

By Scott Wykoff (WBAL Radio, 3/28/2012)

Who’s that familiar guy with the monocle in that tux with the cool Bavarian hat?

It’s Mr. Pilsner.

Mr. Who?

You know, Mr. Pilsner, National Premium’s sporty mascot. An icon for generations of Marylanders.

And while he’s been gone for a while, Mr. Pilsner (or as it was spelled back in the old days Mr. Pilsener) and the iconic National Premium beer is coming back home to Baltimore.

You can thank Easton’s Tim Miller for that. You could say he’s truly Mr. Pilsner these days.

The Easton Shore native and Salisbury University graduate is living out his dream now as he prepares to bring back the premium beer of choice for Marylanders for decades past with its distinctive purple label and mascot Mr Pilsner.

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One Response to Meet Mr. Pilsner

  1. Tom Warner says:

    Mr. Pilsner reminds me of a Nazi collaborator, maybe because he wears that Hitler Youth national sportsman garb and has the “we have vays of making you talk!” interrogation monocle.

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