Stickin’ It To The Man, Baltimore Style!

By Scott Carberry (Baltimore Boy, 3/29/2012)

“I was tooling around my old neighborhoods of Waverly and Charles Village today and came across a recently added traffic circle thingy at the intersection of 32nd Street and Guilford Avenue. Every time I see it, I realize that I’ve forgotten that Baltimore City, probably at the behest of the Charles Village Benefits District organization, put it there. I guess it’s a good idea. I lived in Charles Village forever and don’t recall there ever being a problem with traffic there. So who knows? I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. Whatever, right?!

Skip to the loo, my darling! Get it?

Anyway, I see it, I note it, I go about my business on Greenmount Avenue. When I head back toward Charles Village proper, I drive on 32nd Street and when I come to the traffic circle, I see this!

Yes, that is a toilet. In the approximate 20 minutes between seeing it the first time and the return trip, west on 32nd Street; someone stuck a crapper on the traffic circle. Of course, I had to park the Honda and get out and snap some photos. Let’s look a little closer shall we?

Spent porcelain and cheap bubbly. good!

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