Things David Simon Doesn’t Like

By Rachel Monroe (Baltimore Fishbowl, 4/12/2012)

Last week, David Simon gave an interview to Jeremy Egner of the New York Times in which he discussed bloggers, Wire fans, and the problems of advertising-based TV. When the interview was published, it caused a minor Twitter-storm; Simon comes off as grouchy and resentful of all the attention The Wire is getting at this late date. He went on to give another interview to clarify his thoughts a bit. After reading both, we’re still pretty sure that Simon is the smartest grouch in America. (There’s nothing wrong with being a pessimist, Dave! Don’t apologize! Keep it up!) In case you’re keeping track, we made a list of things that David Simon does and doesn’t like. In true Simonian fashion, we’ll start with the negatives.

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