Video of man beaten, stripped prompting anger on Internet

By Justin Fenton and Peter Hermann (The Baltimore Sun, 4/4/2012)

There can, in fact, be a corrective mechanism when it comes to the mob mentality of the Internet.

This week, a video was posted online of a seemingly lost and disoriented man being swarmed by a group of young people, then sucker punched, robbed, and stripped naked of his clothing on a downtown Baltimore street. It’s not clear where the video was first posted, but it made it to the now typical stops for such shock clips: Worldstarhiphop, LiveLeak, YouTube, Twitter.

What could have been just another tantalizing video turned into something else: outraged viewers say they have tracked down the identity of the man who threw the first punch, and police have connected a victim – who had reported an assault and theft to police but couldn’t remember where it occurred – to the incident. Police say an investigation is moving forward.

“You’d be surprised about how really stupid people are in giving out information about crimes,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blakesaid earlier this month to WMAR-TV, speaking on an unrelated incident. “If they’re going to be stupid then we have to get smart and use it to our advantage.”



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32 Responses to Video of man beaten, stripped prompting anger on Internet

  1. hatecrime double standard says:

    you are kind of missing the fact that it was a RACIAL ATTACK of a mob of black people on one white person.

    If we are going to hear about racial bias and race hate crimes, then lets hear about it when blacks commit them as well as the rare instance when a white person or white gang does something evil.

    There is a race hate crime going on in this video, and if the races were reversed, this would be all over the mass media 24/7 for weeks or months, but because it is a mob of blacks doing this to a white person it is being ignored except for people who find this by accident on the internet. It is a hate crime double standard.

  2. ErectusWatcher says:

    “A group of young people”

    Everyone knows what this is code for now. Youths, young people, etc. It’s all the same element.

  3. Around blacks, NEVER relax.

  4. G says:

    Where are you now Jesse Jackson? This man needs your help.

  5. Proud man says:

    Fucking worthless pieces of shit!! Damn that makes me mad! You can see them plotting against him and those ghetto bitches were just a distraction. Of course this will just be another crime in Baltimore and have nothing to do with race… But some kid gets shot in Florida by a Mexican and the whole country goes crazy. I hope this gets the ball rolling in the other direction! Reverse racisim is such a double standard these days. If white leaders were to rise up and speak about the overwhelming amount of crime committed against whites by blacks they’d be labeled a bigot or white supremest. Yet Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are heroes, America is going to shit…

    • ed says:

      Proud man, I agree with you 100%. I know I’m going to get bad replies, but I’m black and i agree with you. There are some very bad double standards in this country. I’m even a Persian Gulf vet for this country. That video made me sick. Everyone should just ask themselves what if the young man was thier son, brother, or relative. How would they feel? And in “my” opinion which everyone has, Jackson, Sharpton, and Quanel X all need a life……….

      • Gabriel says:

        Ed I agree with you. Jesse and AL are cowards for not speaking out about senseless violence everywhere. I do not support them and I never will. I love Malcom X and the 1960’s black panthers though…..

  6. Blenda LeGrande says:

    Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Mexican and any other race not named. If you decided no matter what your race is to do something to harm another person you should be thrown in jail. No race should be held responsible for the actions of one or more individuals. It is to my understanding that the police are lookng to find and arrest these individuals so I don’t think he need Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. In the case of the young man shot in Florida. I as a parent along with others were deeply concerned because this man shot and killed this student and was not arrested. Let the court system hear the facts and make the decision. Everyday you hear different facts about this case. You really don’t know what happen. I just know as a parent I would not want my son shot on the street for no apparent reason. As a parent I would not want my son beatten, robbed and stripped on the street. I think these people should be throw in jail. We just need to stop making it a race issue. Wrong is wrong no matter what your race is and there should be consequences for every individual that bring harm to others. It really is a shame that we can not walk the streets without the fear of being beatten and robbed or even killed.

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  8. media coverup for whites says:

    IMAGINE the frenzy at MSNBC and CNN if video of a pack of white thugs had beaten, robbed and pulled off the pants and underwear of a BLACK BOY, while filming their acts and mocking the black boy.

    The paid instigators at these networks would be sucking off al sharpton and apologizing well into 2014.. It would be round the clock media coverage with the TV playing this video OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER making sure everyone saw it till they had every frame memorized..

    Now.. with the DAILY blacks attacking whites with rape, robbery, assault and abuse in EVERY major urban area of the country.. nothing.

    NO COVERAGE, no publicity, no playing of the video on TV, NOTHING.

    We dont have a racism problem, we have a BLACK HATE CRIME EPIDEMIC that the media cannot wait to IGNORE or cover-up. (Now, back to the 50,000th hour of Trayvon getting shot by a ‘white’ mexican that he was assaulting..)

  9. Timmy Reed says:

    Drunks (of all races) get rolled by assholes (of all races) evrywhere. Why is this a race crime? Because the were two races (at least, probably many more) involved in it?

    • Really? says:

      You’re an idiot, Timmy. I guess some people just need more help than others in connecting the dots and recognizing the hypocrisy. Maybe you’ve been asleep all your life, or maybe you’re only 12 and playing on mommy’s computer. Either way, this was a racially motivated hate crime if such a thing as “hate crime” actually exists.

    • Jay Simon says:

      I’m with you man. I’m pretty sickened by the seemingly unanimous sentiment of just about every poster on this board that they’re convinced this is a straight hate crime. You really don’t think they’d be doing this to any person too drunk to have any idea what part of town they were in? Certainly doesn’t excuse the mob’s behavior – absolutely reprehensible – but I’m confused as to why this seems to be a definitive case of a hate crime in so many people’s eyes. Kind of supports Jessie and Sharpton’s claims that institutionalized racism affects just about every white person in America. Sad stuff. And “Really’s?” “live in your mom’s basement” comment is exactly the type of uninformed, dismissive nonsense that’s key for “I know I’m right and I don’t feel like stating facts to show why I’m right, so I’m just going to psychologically belittle you to make myself feel more affirmed in my obviously right beliefs.” Crazy stuff up in here.
      Sucks that the guy got beat up by a mob and no one seemed to give a damn. Sucks even more that we’re so quick to perpetuate institutional racism because we’re afraid to confront our demons as a society.
      -White Guy

      • btn says:

        maybe, because its a mob of black people beating up on one white dude. If he was black, they would have left him alone, because he would be one of them.

  10. arrrghhhh! says:

    Poor guy being attacked by total pieces of walking garbage. This is why I dont like people. No specific race or religion necessary, I hate all a**holes equally…you know, like decent folk. I think to save maryland tax dollars they should round them up&mail them off to the Middle East somewhere to be used as human(term used very loosely)shields for our troops. Just a thought.

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  12. krafty says:

    The world has got you believing that you’re on one side and they’re on the other. You’ve been fooled – there’s only one human race. Racism will always exist when race exists. Destroy the false concept of race and you will destroy racism. I’d say the same thing to the NAACP or any organization that recognizes race.

    It needs to be destroyed and you have to extend your hand to the people who will also place hope in the possibility of a raceless world. Any system that was created to classify people based on their looks is bullshit. It’s not our fault though, as humans use their eyes to interpret the world 70% of the time. We’re visually at odds with each other – but as you know – your eyes can play tricks on you.

    Culture on the other hand, does define people. But you don’t have to be part of the same skin type to have the same cultural traits. People get robbed every day with the same maliciousness you see in the videos from multiple combinations of the so-called races. Some do it with a beating and some do it with a checkbook. The outcome is the same.

    Forget about racism – say no to race.

  13. shagan says:

    Sadly, I was hoping at least one person would help this man……..

  14. WTF.....Take another look says:

    Did anyone notice the cop car right there….. I could be wrong although it looks like one. cop cars don’t have hubcaps and they have the lettering on the side. Besides that this is a sad truth about America. Like it or not racism is alive and well. This is fuel for the fire to divide us. You can’t help but to get upset over this after hearing non-stop about treyvon when all the facts aren’t out but you got people like spike lee tweeding addresses and the black panther putting bounties……..whatever I’m rambling now. This world is screwed.

  15. Bob says:

    To the guy above: D’Hurieux Brian wtf?~! you say this below yet two posts later talk about how the baltimore beating wasn’t racist and would have happened to anyone of any colour if they happened to be there?! What a joke, you “know” when an attack is racially motivated or not without any additional info HOW? Quit making excuses and face the reckoning.

    furthermore, comparing this to Trayvon ad Zimmerman is wrong, because Zimmerman MURDERED someone, RACIALLY MOTIVATED, and walked off FREE.

    If Trayvon was white, he’d probably still be alive. If this guy in the video was black, he would probably still have gotten beat up.

    RIGHT you smrt

    • Doesitmatter says:

      Just a way to show how gangsta you all are. Any body can sucker punch a drunk guy. Wish I would have been there

  16. SMH says:

    If that dude would have shot four or five people in that clip and not gotten arrested I dont think anyone would mind, not family nor friends , not black nor white. That being said, I’m black and I would NEVER be where he was, when he was, or in the state of cognosance he was. Nor would I be in the self proclaimed Redneck Bar with the Rebel Flag painted on top of the entire roof in central MS thats about an hour away from my house…use some foresight dude…I think all of us (black and white) know there are certain parts of America that could invite trouble for us… from the Ghettos w gangsters to the Good Ole Boy country where the thugs are white, and where polos and khakis and drive around in big nice trucks looking for old black men to run over or tie to a chain and drag, or hang from a tree. And regularly cheap shot guys like me cuz white girls like to hang out with us 😉 , but i guess i had that one (or two) comin… SMH….as for my justice, yeah right, nobody sees nothin, just like people in the ghetto, and then i get taken to jail for uttering a curse word during my description of what happened because i have to be EXTRA careful when dealing w the police, if you didnt know. Dave i think you dont have it as bad as you think you do.

  17. SMH says:

    Btw, why the hell do many white people bring up people like Jesse Jackson and AL Sharp…? They dont speak or act for ME as a black man, I can appreciate their efforts, if they are genuine but my white friends and I kinda see them in the same way (PEOPLE USING THE EMOTION OF RACE TO SWAY MINDS AND PROBABLY MAKING A LOT OF MONEY DOING IT) I think the vast amt of the leg work was done by those who have come and gone OR BEEN ASSASINATED, MLK Jr. and Malcolm X, – respect to M. Ali…for those that want to compare the T.Martin /G.Zimmerman situation, these COWARD THUGS in the video did not IMPROPERLY ACT AS AN ENFORCERS OF LAW WHILE OVERZEALOUSLY STALKING a KID that was ON HIS WAY HOME w/ a PRECONCEIVED NOTION that he WAS GOING to commit a CRIME (that didnt involve walking while wearing a hoodie/being black), the key here is that George Z. quite literally KILLED HIS “PREY”. HE WAS EITHER PROFILING HIS RACE OR HIS ATTIRE or he was on drugs that made him paranoid AND made him think he was one of those “PRECOGS” from the movie “Minority Report”(PUN INTENDED.)

    Did i say the actions in this video are VERY much indefensible?? not unexplainable sadly enough , but YES, indefensible.

    • Jay Simon says:

      We’re on the wrong board up in here my friend… These folk don’t like to listen to rational productive thought. The argument they’re using is “look what these black guys did… This is why I can’t stand all black guys!” Of course it’s gotta be racially motivated because the victim didn’t look like them. Nevermind that these punks would’ve jumped a drunk Latino, Pakistani, Korean or another African-American for that matter. They’re dumb punks, that’s what they do. Folks on this site are just people uncomfortable around people not exactly like them.

  18. schwood says:

    This is NOT a hate crime, the ferral thugs of Baltimore are known for this type behavior. Want more proof?
    This type behavior is no different than the EMT beaten into a comma in LA, or the unseen beatings of other inner city THUG mobs, white(Cicero IL, South Boston, black(DC,NY), latino(MS13), or asian(Asian Mafia). And a drunk person is fair game in their sick, twisted, minds.

  19. Jake says:

    With all the snickering and hooting and hollering over beating this guy by the punk thugs …what reallyyyy would have been funny is if he pulled out a pistol and shot and killed all these worthless excuse for humans and saved us some tax dollars too! 🙂 < I know i have one, and would have ,in a heartbeat with zero remorse ) And yes this was a RACIST HATE CRIME .

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  21. devil says:

    should of beat him to death, poor helpless honkey lol

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