Whatever happened to the trash chute deaths?

By Peter Hermann (The Baltimore Sun, 4/2/2012)

It remains one two of the more bizarre and mysterious deaths in Baltimore — two people on successive years, 2010 and 2011, plunged down a trash chute in the same downtown apartment building — the Park Charles high-rise.

And we still have no idea what happened in either case.

Police called the first one — of 30-year-old Harsh Kumar, an apparent accident. He worked for a technology company and attended Johns Hopkins University. But then came Emily Hauze, a 23-year-old Loyola University Maryland graduate.

Kumar died from his fall down the trash chute. It’s unclear how Hauze died. And police have kept a tight lip on their investigation. Rarely do details remain quiet this long, but the relatives of both victims have refused to talk publicly. And without new details, that means little public pressure is being put on police to reveal what they know.

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