Is the Edgar Allan Poe House haunted?

By (Baltimore Post-Examiner, 5/11/2012)

Jeff Jerome is often asked if he’s ever spent a night in The Edgar Allan Poe House. His answer has always been a whimsical, “No.” But any lingering regrets on the part of Jerome, the curator of the museum for almost 35 years, may have ended last Saturday night. That was when he hosted popular paranormal investigators, The Ghost Detectives, at the place where the legendary author of Berenice launched his prolific writing career.

The Ghost Detectives, whose television show airs on the Fox affiliate in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pa., investigated several sites of supernatural interest in Baltimore, including the Poe House, Westminster Hall and Burial Grounds, where Poe and his wife are interred, and the Admiral Fell Inn in Fells Point.

The detectives always had wanted to look into the late author’s haunts, but it was actually the inn which finally drew them to Baltimore. Arriving in a vintage hearse, emblazoned with custom graphics and neon lights, they invited the Baltimore Post-Examiner along for the ride.

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