Peeping Tom Strikes Four Local Colleges

(ABC 2 News, 5/1/2012)

Essex, Md – It’s happened twice at the Essex campus once in March and here in building B on the lower level, and again less than ten days ago in building A on the third floor.

Women reported that while they were using the stall a man stuck his head underneath to watch them.

Monisha says it happened to her friend.

“My friend told me that she was in the bathroom and a guy just peeped under her stall and she asked him what he was doing and he just ran off she was very shocked at what happened and it was kind of shocking that a guy even got into a female bathroom and is walking around doing things like that. ” Freshman Monisha Williams says.

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  • CCBC Essex in Search of Peeping Tom: Two women have reported a man peeking under their stalls while using campus restrooms —

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