Tom Warner Reminisces About His Towerlight Daze

“S’More of My Back Pages
Or: One Man’s Clippings Are Another Man’s Kindling”

By Tom Warner (Accelerated Decrepitude, 4/25/2012)

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“I opened the Pandora’s Box that is the bottom drawer of my bedroom dresser and – buried beneath the whip, handcuffs and nude Polaroids of all my ex-GFs (just kidding!)(they’re all clothed!) – ran across more yellowing clips from my days in the late ’70s as a writer-editor at Towson State’s student newspaper, The Towerlight (or The Towerblight, as we called it). Looking through the assorted cognitive clutter, I recalled I was somewhat of an ass, routinely making up news stories (for instance, I wrote that Elton John was assassinated by a bazooka-toting circus clown at his Capital Centre show – and later had to write a retraction!) and offending more people than I entertained..”

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