Police: Man scared moviegoers in Annapolis

(ABC2News.com, 8/2/2012)

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Kyle Tanner has been charged with disorderly conduct for yelling at people while simulating that he had a gun during a movie at an Annapolis theater.

Police say that witnesses say a man entered a Bow Tie Cinema theater, sat in the front row and yelled expletives toward the screen and at the moviegoers.
He left the theater twice and then came back, began pointing at audience members while simulating he had a gun, swearing throughout the whole episode.
People started to run out of the theater and police were contacted.

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One Response to Police: Man scared moviegoers in Annapolis

  1. DailyBreather says:

    That dude wouldnt need a gun to scared folks. Damn!

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