Thin-Skinned Deadpsin Writer Disses Ravens

(If this dude has lived here EIGHT YEARS and is still scared of goateed suburbanites in purple camo — well that’s just sad. On the other hand, he SHOULD be scared when Ray Lewis #52 read what he wrote about him. And what exactly is “Northern Maryland”? — BML)

Why Your Team Sucks 2012: Baltimore Ravens

By Drew Magary (Deadspin, 8/15/2012)

Some people are fans of the Baltimore Ravens. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Baltimore Ravens. This 2012 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group.

1. There’s no white trash like Baltimore white trash.

I’ve lived in Maryland for eight years and I can tell you that northern Maryland white trash occupies its own distinct niche of the white-trash market. It’s as if the suburban Baltimore area were populated exclusively by fifth-grade gym teachers. These are the kind of people who wear camouflage Zubaz without a hint of irony. Every baby born in Baltimore County is born with a goatee, even the girls. If you could form a Jim Rome listener in a lab (and why wouldn’t you? THEY’RE CLONES), the resulting 250-pound dumbfuck would look an awful lot like a white-trash Ravens fan.

These people have NO sense of humor, nor any sense of self-deprecation. That’s how you end up with a fanbase that engages in a comical level of collective paranoia. Ravens fans like to pretend that they’re the U. Miami of the NFL. THEY’RE OUTLAWS! EVERYBODY’S OUT TO GET THEM! The refs have it in for the Ravens. The NFL has it in for the Ravens. Dan Rooney and his owner friends have it in for the Ravens. This pre-supposes that people actually give a shit about the Ravens. They don’t. The Ravens are a nothing franchise. They’re the Team That Shouldn’t Be. Baltimoreans have willed themselves to like this team even though they know, deep in their heart, it isn’t theirs. In a perfect NFL world, the Colts are still in Baltimore, the Browns are still the Browns, and Indianapolis remains a raging tire fire in the center of flyover country. These replacement Colts will never be as lovable to the rest of the NFL as the Baltimore Colts were. They’re the unwanted replacements. They’re the Sammy Hagar of NFL teams. Whoa hey, did someone say Sammy Hagar? BOBBY FROM TOWSON SAYS TURN THAT SHIT UP.

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