Baltimore “Batman” Interrupts Ravens Game With Half-Naked On-Field Dance

By Benjamin R. Freed (DCist, 9/24/2012)

What is it with people from Baltimore dressing up like Batman and running afoul of the law? Well, the occasional traffic violation is OK for Lenny B. Robinson, a philanthropist who spends his hours dressing up as the Cape Crusader and visiting sick children in the hospital.

But apparently there’s another would-be Dark Knight roaming Charm City, one who prefers to avenge wrongdoers by dashing across sports fields in nary but his Bat-undershorts. That’s what happened at last night’s game between the Ravens and the New England Patriots at M & T Bank Stadium.

Photo by By Zach Wilt, Baltimore Sports Report

During the second quarter, with the Ravens closing in on the Patriots’ end zone, a man clad in only a cap, sunglasses, cape, sneakers, short shorts and a chest full of body paint sprinted onto the field and started to dance around. He evaded the initial swarm of security officers, but after about a good minute of jogging around and showing off his moves (not great, fyi), he was finally tackled by a phalanx of red-jacketed guards and Baltimore Police officers.

The streaker appears to be a man named Mark Harvey, who operates a website called Bigger Than Bullying. And, according to Deadspin, he appears to be the same streaker who interrupted an Orioles game on April 6.

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