Baltimore Bill, the Weather-Predicting Crab, Forecasts an Early Winter

(PRNewswire, 9/26/2012)

Today marks an important day in Baltimore history. In front of an eager crowd at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore Bill, the weather-predicting crab, forecasted an early winter. For years, Baltimore Bill has been a local weather expert and the folks at OLD BAY and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources decided to introduce him to the world. With official Preakness/Triple Crown stakes caller Larry Collmus providing the play-by-play, Bill walked a specially designed crab plank and headed right out to the bay and off to warmer climates. After all, he’s no snow crab.

“Forget Doppler radar. Baltimore Bill is the single most important tool we have in predicting Mother Nature,” said one Baltimore weather personality, who refused to be identified for fear he would be replaced by the now-famous crustacean.

Ever since Bill was spawned in the lower Chesapeake Bay, he was different from other crabs. When he was hatched, Bill is said to have raised a claw in the water, felt a warm current and headed off to share his special power with the world. Baltimore Bill takes his job very seriously, and in a total claw-biter, he took his time making his prediction this morning.

“When making a prediction, I take a lot of elements into consideration,” said Bill, who was interviewed via bay phone from an undisclosed location. “Today, my special claw was drawing me to the right. While my claw has the strongest effect on my prediction, I also consider the air temperature, wind direction and smell of the water.”

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