Hampden is the Hipster Haven, But What’s a Hipster?

Benn Ray of the Hampden Village Merchants Association talks to The List about Hampden’s listing in Forbes as the 15th hippest hipster neighborhood:

America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods: #15. Hampden, Baltimore, MD

(Forbes, 9/20/2012)

“Home to the annual “Hon Fest,” where women tease their hair in 1960s-style beehives, Hampden embodies retro cool. Bars, restaurants and independent coffee houses co-mingle with two-story rowhouses harking back to the neighborhood’s days of mills and factories. Every year the neighborhood celebrates Christmas with a “Miracle on 34th Street” decoration spectacle in which residents adorn their abodes with thousands of lights.”

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3 Responses to Hampden is the Hipster Haven, But What’s a Hipster?

  1. Benn Ray says:

    I heard Essex was becoming the Baltimore-area Hipster Mecca.

  2. Essex only makes the news for copper thefts, sausage eating contests and the shit plant.

  3. There’s a size limit for hipsters that Essex has exceeded by far. If you wear stretch-anything you can’t be a hipster.

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