AC/DC’s Bon Scott Gets Pissed at Towson State Security Goons, 1979

ACDC Shes got balls

AC/DC’s Bon Scott gets pissed off with the heavy-handed security during AC/DC’s concert at Towson State College, October 16th, 1979.

“This is a song we’d like to play for the security it’s such a pack of assholes…”

“We’re having a rock ‘n roll concert, an’ they ain’t rock ‘n roll…”



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3 Responses to AC/DC’s Bon Scott Gets Pissed at Towson State Security Goons, 1979

  1. Early AC/DC was punk rock lethal. I am so sorry that Bon died before I saw them. I like a lot of the post-Bon stuff and some of it I love….But those early, they were like Chuck Berry on speed. They played angry back then.

  2. Louis vezza says:

    I would like some of the footage of Bon Scott in his last performing

  3. Mark Rizo says:

    I was there.

    Not only did Bon run security off, he invited everyone to come up on stage with the band! Bedlam ensued, and the stage was packed with people for a few minutes, until Bon asked that room be made for the band to play.

    I was fortunate to be able to remain on stage, as I had picked an unobtrusive spot, behind the stage left speaker stack. So, I was only about 10 feet away from Angus Young for the remainder of the show.

    R.I.P. Bon and Malcolm.

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