Baltimore Social Security Farting Gasbag Case Deflated

Feds Withdraw Reprimand Dealt To Gassy Worker
Man's excessive flatulence was charted at SSA office

(The Smoking Gun, 1/11/)

The Social Security Administration has withdrawn a reprimand letter issued last month to an employee who was accused of excessive workplace flatulence that created an “intolerable” and “hostile” for coworkers.

The “official reprimand,” issued to the 38-year-old male worker on December 10, was quickly rescinded after SSA senior managers got wind of the proposed sanction. The letter's withdrawal came days before TSG disclosed its existence in a December 21 story, according to SSA spokesperson Mark Hinkle.

The employee, a claims authorizer who works out of an SSA office in , hung up on a reporter when reached this morning at his desk (though he is surely happy to have the matter behind him).


The SSA worker is during an amusement park trip that included a visit with someone dressed as Pepe Le Pew. (The Smoking Gun)

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  • Baltimore Social Security Worker Reprimanded for Excessive


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