For This DJ, OC’s Beach Food Is A-OK

thrashers“…While scarfing down wonderfully greasy cheeseburgers at the Atlantic Stand, which locals call the A Stand, Beatty shares an insider tip: Thrasher’s doesn’t serve ketchup with its fries. But you can walk across the boardwalk to the A Stand and buy a tiny bottle of ketchup for $1.07.”


By Carol Sottili (Washington Post, 7/9/2008)

DJ Batman (real name Mike Beatty) knows Ocean City. For 28 years, he has spun the tunes at countless clubs and gigs along this nine-mile stretch of shore. The 59-year-old Baltimore native hosts the popular weekend radio show “Hair of the Dog” on Ocean 98 FM, as well as a weekly show about Ocean City happenings on cable TV. So when Travel staff writer Carol Sottili set out to find the best food along the 2.5-mile-long boardwalk, she appealed to Beatty. A few thousand calories later, he had her convinced that locals know best. Here’s a cholesterol-laden insider’s tour.


Mike Beatty. (Carol Sottili, The Washington Post)

One thing about DJ Batman’s Ocean City boardwalk: You’re never far from a meal, or a handshake.

Beatty’s years of boardwalk munching have pinpointed two food epicenters along the boardwalk, places where you can waddle just a few steps in any direction and consume everything from eggs to tacos. One anchors the south end of the boardwalk on Wicomico Street. The other is at 16th Street, where we pick up a couple of beach cruisers at Jack’s Bike Rentals to start our journey south.

On the north corner of 16th and the boards (OC-speak for the boardwalk) is the Oceanview Grill, Beatty’s favorite breakfast place. “I get what they call ‘Batman’s Buffet,’ ” Beatty says on a recent Monday morning. “One pancake, three very over-easy eggs on top of the pancake, two sausages, a short order of chipped beef, toast to dunk into the eggs, and coffee.” He adds: “Oh, and if I’m not on a diet, chocolate milk.”

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  • Endless Summer: DJ Batman celebrates 30 years as Ocean City’s party priest — Baltimore City Paper
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