Maryland Girls Compete in 1990’s “Bikini Open” 1-900 Ad

Nancy Leonard and Karen Croney

The “Bikini Open” was a bikini contest that aired on pay-for-view in 1990. The winner, Karen Croney, came from Pasadena, Maryland while contestant Nancy Leonard hailed from Ocean City, Maryland. Call now!

Bikini Open 1 Winner Karen Croney “Flashback”

Karen Croney in California Bikini Contest #16

Youtube user revolcane: “First contestant Karen shows us what 90’s bikini contestants are made of. (I’m sorry, she’s actually dancing to Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” hence her costume but Youtube got a hissy again).”



Karen Croney-2

Karen Croney-4

Karen Croney-3

Karen Croney-1

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    IBlonde Haired Bikini Contests❗ Alright 1-900 Ad For Using Them!Baltimore, Maryland. Let’s Do It Again❗

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