67 Great John Waters Quotes For His 67th Birthday

By Jason Bailey and Alison Herman (Flavorwire, 4/22/2013)


The great filmmaker, writer, raconteur, and all-purpose rabble-rouser John Waters turns 67 years old today, and since he’s one of the most quotable and entertaining pop culture figures out there, we figured we’d mark the occasion in the best way possible: by rounding up 67 pearls of wisdom from one of the best interviewees around. Join us after the jump for some of Mr. Waters’s liveliest thoughts on bad taste, high fashion, pornography, nudity, politics, and movies.

On revenge

I went to a Catholic high school, which, to this day, I could burn down. And I got great revenge because they had their fiftieth anniversary, andThe Baltimore Sun called me and said, ‘What did you think of your high school?’ And I said, ‘They discouraged every interest I ever had.’ And I saw that in print.” (Pinewood Dialogue, 2006)

On high school

“That’s the thing: there’s all those people in high school, and you have to endure them, but you don’t have to hang around with them.” (Rookie,2012)

“Nobody who turns out to be great had an easy time in high school. People in the arts always have trouble in school. The prom queens and the football stars, their lives went downhill after they graduated. It was over.” (Rookie2012)

On relaxation

“Going to a sensational murder trial is the only way I can relax.” (Shock Value1981)

On nudity

“Everybody wants to see everyone in every movie naked. That’s why we have movies. That’s probably the only reason people go, to imagine everyone in the movies naked.” (Nerve, 2004)

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