Alice Cooper Rocks the Towson, Maryland Courthouse, 1991

Alice Cooper rocks 2,000 in Towson
Some skip school to hear ’70s rocker deliver his new anti-drug message.

By Meredith Schlow (Baltimore Evening Sun, 9/10/1991)

Rocker Alice Cooper played to about 2,000 in Towson’s Courthouse Plaza today, turning the normally sedate lunchtime crowd into a rocking group that mixed teens in black attire with the regular professionals in suits and ties.

1. Under My Wheels
2. I’m Eighteen
3. Hey Stoopid
4. Love’s A Loaded Gun
5. School’s Out
6. No More Mr. Nice Guy

There is even a bootleg DVD of the concert!

Fans, new and old, crowded in front of the courthouse to hear Cooper, one of rock’s legendary bad boys of the ’70s, who is touring the country promoting his new album, “Hey Stoopid.” Its title cut carries a strong anti-drug message.

Teen-agers crowded on the grass, but declined to give their names as they admitted they had cut school to hear Cooper sing.


“I’ve heard [Cooper’s] done some gross things, like bite the heads off bats,” one high school senior in the crowd said.

“I thought there might be some big truancy roundup,” said another teen, eyeing the police officers who stood at the perimeter of the plaza. “They’d lure us all down here, and then say, ‘OK, up against the wall!’ ”

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