Baltimore Late 80’s Industrial: Black Pete – Mississippi Queen

(Fantod Under Glass, 12/23/2008)

blackpete“In the late 80s industrial dance music was all the rage in alternative circles; labels such as Wax Trax in Chicago, Play It Again Sam in Belgium, and Nettwerk in Canada were putting out tons of releases, with many of the acts making the jump to major labels (Ministry, Skinny Puppy, etc.). But one of the only stabs at this genre from Baltimore that I can recall* was a one-off 12″ by Black Pete, the duo of George Hagegeorge and ex-Null Set/Cabal singer Bill Dawson. A bass player was added for live shows, though I don’t know if one ever happened. I think the record actually got issued by two labels somehow; here is the Calvert Street Records version.”

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  1. Greg Rock says:

    I had a demo tape of these guys I got when I was in the Marine Corps from a buddy of mine from Glen Burnie who was apparently an ardent follower of the Baltimore/Southern MD music scene; most of all, he was a die-hard Kix fan. *ANYWAY,* he knew a guy– or maybe he knew a guy who KNEW a guy– in the band and copped one of their EP cassettes, which he gave to me because I really liked them.

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