Vintage Haussner’s Restaurant Menu


Take a look at what was on the menu at Haussner’s courtesy of The New York Public Library’s “What’s on the Menu.”

Some diners may have opted for the traditional Thanksgiving menu:


While other Baltimoreans may have been a little more adventurous in their dining choices:


And of course everyone washed their dinner down with this fine selection of beers, both local and international:


Click to view the entire Haussner’s menu.


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3 Responses to Vintage Haussner’s Restaurant Menu

  1. Jim Muller says:

    Interesting that Hausner’s only carried National Bo of local beers. But are you sure that menu isn’t much earlier than ’67. Nobody referred to “seidels” of beer since Mencken who parted from us in ’56.

  2. Linda Ecker says:

    I do not think this was 1967 Everyone would have been there for those prices.

  3. I’ll have to change the title, it sure doesn’t look like 1967, I see that number written in the gold part of the last page.

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