Marylander Steve Blickenstaff’s Cramps Artwork Featured on Rolling Stone Cover


Steve’s artwork for The Cramps’ “Bad Music for Bad People.” Order your own copy of the album cover for $20 from Steve. This matted print is on 8.5″ X 11″ (letter size) paper.

Maryland artist Steve Blickenstaff made a surprise appearance on the cover of the Rolling Stone… well, his monstrous art did, that is, when teen sensation “Lorde” sported a t-shirt featuring Steve’s cover artwork for The Cramps 1984 LP “Bad Music for Bad People”:


Lorde’s Cramps Shirt: Punkabilly Heroes Are Accidental RS Cover Stars
A quick primer on the beloved cult band Lorde’s supporting in our new issue. 

By Kory Grow (Rolling Stone, 1/15/2014)

Lorde isn’t the only big-haired artist making her Rolling Stone cover debut on the new issue. That’s because the leering, high-coiffed, emaciated ghoul on her T-shirt belongs to another band: the Cramps. The group, which used the T-shirt illustration on their cheekily titled 1984 comp Bad Music for Bad People, pioneered its own brand of sinewy, rockabilly-inspired garage punk that was perfect for the dinge of its native New York City when it formed in 1976 (or a little over two whole 17-year-old Lordes ago).

Read more at Rolling Stone.


Artist Steve Blickenstaff and his lovely wife Pingzhen.

A De-Lux World: Lux Interior (Oct. 21, 1946 – Feb. 4, 2009) — Tom Warner’s Accelerated Decrepitude

Monsters Ink: When graphic artist Steve Blickenstaff turned the Cramps’ lead singer into a zombie, he created a cult classic. — Washington City Paper

Steve drew the cover on Halloween day 1983. He recently created a new version:


Steve’s reimagined homage to his own artwork for The Cramps’ “Bad Music for Bad People.” Own your own copy for $30, direct from the Steve!
Art is on 13″ X 14″ paper (actual image is 12″ X 12″).

To order either print, send $20 or $30 (depending on which cover you want) to:

Stephen Blickenstaff
16 Frederick Ave.
Frederick, MD 21701

If you want to check out Steve’s other available art, email him at glack at for PDF files of his original art and prints he has available.


Steve Blickenstaff, cover artist of the Cramps’ “Bad Music for Bad People” gives Bob 1 from Devo the pizza eye.

We’ve known Steve for over over 20 years – introduced to us by fellow artist Bob Kathman who grew up with him in Frederick. Steve has been a long time Atomic Books supporter – he’s created artwork for as well as displayed his own at Atomic Books’ gallery shows. Steve also designed the label for Tri Brewing’s “Swampus” — a specially brewed beer for my annual 4th of July bbq:



Steve’s lopsided monster matches the lopsided Swampus label.


Sweaty Swampus at a summer soiree.


The eyes have it — Steve Blickenstaff’s artwork for the Atomic Books Spring 1996 catalog.

Cheers to Steve!

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