Vlad the Dumptruck Impaler

Is God a Mentally Disturbed Haitian Immigrant with Drug Problems, a Paintbrush and a Twitter Account?

Police booking photo of Vladimir Baptise.

Police booking photo of Vladimir Baptise.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 – Calling himself “God,” “Jesus Christ” and the reincarnation of King Tut, Vladimir Mehul Baptiste drove a stolen landscaping truck into the lobby of WMAR-TV’s ABC2 news station in Towson and then barricaded himself inside – all the while tweeting (“chillin@abc2news waiting and yawning”) and watching coverage of himself on the local news! – until he was apprehended by tactical police several hours later. Police stated that a “ranting and raving” Baptise suffered from some sort of mental illness. (Um, no kidding!) Following are accounts of the incident from local news and Baltimore County police reports. In a cruel twist of fate, ABC2 news wasn’t able to broadcast coverage right way, having had to evacuate their facility, which was on lockdown, and turned to social media like Twitter and Instagram to file reports. Their day-after surveillance videos are great, though; check their coverage out here. – (Tom Warner, BOL)

Police documents reflect WMAR suspect’s disturbed mental state

Vladimir Baptiste, 28, charged in Tuesday’s incident; Mom says he has mental health issues

By David Collins (WBALTV.com, May 14, 2014)

[WBAL-TV 11 News reporters Jennifer Franciotti and Kai Reed and WBALTV.com editor Katie Lange contributed to this article]

TOWSON, Md. —As police announce charges against an emotionally disturbed man who plowed a stolen landscaping truck into WMAR-TV‘s building in Towson on Tuesday, his mother says he’s been dealing with mental health issues for quite some time.

Police said the man, identified as Vladimir Baptiste, 28, of Parkville, crashed a stolen landscaping truck through the front doors of the television station at 6400 York Road just before noon Tuesday. It took five hours before authorities, including a SWAT team, were able to find him and take him into custody.

wmar 5-13-14

The truck stops here: Baptiste drove a landscaping truck into the lobby of WMAR-TV in Towson.

 Watch truck crashing into WMAR-TV.

Watch ab2news’ raw video of the truck crashing into WMAR-TV/Channel 2.

Baptiste was charged early Wednesday with at least three counts of attempted second-degree murder and was being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center on $750,000 bail, but that bail was later denied by a judge.

On Wednesday, a prosecutor called Baptiste a significant threat to public safety and asked for the no-bail status. Judge Alexander Williams agreed with the prosecutor.

Baptiste waived his appearance before the judge on Wednesday. A preliminary hearing will be set, but the case is going to a grand jury for indictment.

Police said Baptiste was emotionally disturbed, and charging documents reflect that.

According to those documents, when Baptiste was asked why he targeted WMAR-TV, he said he woke up Tuesday and wanted to expose his parents because “they are running the multiverses.”

The word “multiverse” is commonly used when discussing theories about multiple universes.

In the charging documents, Baptist said he was a reincarnation of King Tut and Jesus Christ and lives in a world of multiverses where bad things happen to people, and they disappear because they are not real. He said the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 and the kidnapping of the Nigerian school girls were examples of multiverses in that they never actually happened.

Baptiste told police he walked Tuesday from his home to Interstate 695 and York Road, spotted a truck with the keys in it, took it and drove toward WMAR. As he got near the station, he told police he saw an opportunity to expose the multiverses that WMAR represented.

Baptiste told police he watched coverage of the incident as it was unfolding because he was waiting for the multiverses to close.

Charging documents show during the barricade, Baptiste taped several pieces of paper onto windows facing police personnel and medics who were outside.  The papers read, “I am God almighty. I gave you everything. You never earned it. (Expletive) your multiverses. You have created to hurt my people. I’m here to save you all from the energies. You are in the wrong timeline. Everything is unfolding. I don’t have to do anything. Vladimir (God). Just wait (expletive). Let me know when you are in the present.”

The documents said Baptiste also told the security guard, “If you are going to let me in, I have something for you.”

After his arrest, Baptiste was taken to Greater Baltimore Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries. He said he didn’t intend to hurt anyone at WMAR.

Continue reading story at wbaltv.com.

Who's that knocking at my door? Baptiste outside WMAR-TV lobby.

Who’s that knocking at my door? Baptiste outside WMAR-TV lobby.


Vlad’s Twitterverse Tweets

“chillin @ abc2 news waiting and yawning”

Following are some of the tweets Baptiste posted to  his Twitter account (https://twitter.com/VlaDziuBaptiste) during Tuesday’s incident. Earlier tweets reference the “multiverse” (e.g., “Commiting Crimes, Genocide and War in the Multiverses and using me to make them REAL in the PRESENT. It Shall never WORK.NEVER EVER!”) and incoherent ravings like “Thoughts of Destroying the World I’m in SHALL NEVER PREMEDITATE IN MY MIND TO get DESTROY!”

ALL these millenniums of petyness and “just for Fun” Bullshit, you will not be forgiving by me! just wait
chillin @ abc2 news waiting and yawning
Body Hosting my people to make them do and say things, that’s truly not from their hearts….JUST WAIIIIIIT!
can you all see me the days of the negative energies hurting you are OVER!
chillin @ abc2 news waiting and yawning


Vlad’s Art Portfolio

Baptiste’s Twitter account is fascinating. Going by his posts and pics, he appears to be a fan of Michael Jackson, Snoop Dog, DMX, Keith Richards, Julia Roberts and Walt Disney (he posted a clip of Uncle Walt’s appearance on “What’s My Line?”), to name but a few. And it looks like he is an artist. A pretty good one. One that the American Visionary Art Museum might want to consider exhibiting. Samples follow:


Baptiste’s Keith Richards painting. On Dec. 18, 2011, he tweeted: “Happy Birthday this is a painting of you i recently made .”

Vladimir's Natty Boh: "Oh Boy What a Race!"

Vladimir’s Natty Boh: “Oh Boy What a Race!”

Self-portrait: Vlad Age 20.

Self-portrait: Vlad Age 20.

Baptiste's "Beast Jesus."

Baptiste’s “Beast Jesus.”


Family portrait? Baptiste tweeted, “Not what I imagine it would turn out like, but it’s a stepping stone 🙂 love you sis.”

"Guess who this is," Baptiste tweeted. Julia Roberts, of course.

“Guess who this is,” Baptiste tweeted. Julia Roberts, of course.

"SOLD!! Marchande de Port-au-Prince"

“SOLD!! Marchande de Port-au-Prince”

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There was also good coverage of the incident under the “Police and Fire News” section of the Baltimore County Government’s web site (www.baltimorecountymd.gov): “Suspect in Custody After Barricade at ABC2 News.”


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