Baltimore’s Block Burly Performers Not “Strip-Teasers” but “Beauty-Flashers” (1942)


Not Strip But Flashers

(The Billboard, 6/27/1942)

Feminine burly performers are not “strip-teasers” but “beauty-flashers,” according to Gus Flaig, veteran stage manager for the Gayety, only exclusively burlesque house in Baltimore. According to Flaig, the backbone of burlesque is not “beauty-flashing” but comics, who work at sight comedy. The reason why men go for burly, according to Flaig, is mainly the comics, secondly the rhythm, and then vaudeville — and that is the composite of burlesque. Comics serve to put the “boys” in the mood, rhythm keys them up, and then they are all set for the vaudeville, which climaxes the show. At least, according to Flaig.


Zorita, 1942



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