“Shakedown” — Late-Night Baltimore Dance TV Show

WJZ revives dance show

(The Baltimore Sun, 4/15/1992)

Almost 160 local dancers aged 18 to 25 will get at least one chance to star on local as WJZ-Channel 13 brings back to the airwaves the dance program “Shakedown.”

The show will premiere at 11:30 p.m. April 25, and will run at least 11 weeks in that Saturday night slot.

Although auditions April 3 and 4 at White Marsh and Owings Mills malls won about 160 dancers a chance to appear on the show, only about 60 dancers can appear on any one edition “because that’s all we can fit into the studio,” says producer Terry Todesco. As the show continues, it is likely producers will choose a fixed group of regulars.

Hosts for the program will be announced soon.

“Shakedown” is a revival of a dance show of that name which ran for 44 weeks on Channel 13 in 1986-’87. In turn, that effort was an attempt to revive the local-production excitement of the original “Buddy Deane Show,” which ran from 1957 to on Channel 13.

Shakedown episode on Archive.org

Shakedown Dance Auditions rules shared to the Shakedown Facebook group by Joey Munchel.

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