City Paper interviews the “Don Juan of Satanism”

Sociable Satanist: Occult investigator “Dr. Daniel Rumanos” doesn’t need a day job

By Van Smith (Baltimore City Paper, 8/8/2012)

Meeting “Dr. Daniel Rumanos” face-to-face can be somewhat of a letdown. He is, after all, someone who once claimed to cast Satanist spells so that 12-year-old girls would have sex with him and who, when setting up a meeting with a reporter, says, “I will be the one who resembles Rasputin.”

While Rumanos’ appearance may call to mind Grigori “Mad Monk” Rasputin, the oversized, hard-to-kill Russian Orthodox mystic who finally gave up the ghost in 1916, it’s due only to Rumanos’ wispy, graying beard and black clothes. As for the pedophilia claim, which he made on a Christian radio show in the mid-1990s, it was only “performance art,” Rumanos explains. Turns out, Rumanos isn’t really a Satanist but simply a gentle, thoughtful, open-minded deist.

Rumanos, who says he grew up in Baltimore Greektown neighborhood, hands over a business card for his “occult investigations” practice, which lists “demonology, exorcism, psychic research, UFOs, ghosts and hauntings, [and] spellcasting” as his areas of expertise.

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Bob Larson interviews the “Don Juan of Satanism.”

2016 UPDATE:
Rumanos parodies the Essex Day Festival (which BML’s Huffines has no part of…)


“You… you can’t do this, Mr. Huffines,” stammered the Reverend Edgar Walls, Pastor of Central Bible Church, whilst fidgeting with fright in his dark-blue, tailored suit. “It’s blasphemous! Positively blasphemous!”

“I can and will do it, Pastor,” replied Mr. Bruce Huffines with a strange grin. “Your church grounds adjoin the Essex Heritage Museum, of which I am Director, and we shall be using your property for our upcoming festival.”

“But that thing you want to celebrate here,” returned Rev. Walls with a decided shudder. “There is just something ungodly about it, something downright… demonic!”

Even though this meeting was being held in the comfort of the Pastor’s own office, Rev. Edgar Walls felt increasingly uncomfortable. Perhaps the presence of Huffines’s bodyguard, an huge redneck-type individual known as Bubba Johnson, with his heavy arms folded across his sleeveless shirt whilst he stood behind the seated Mr. Huffines on the other side of Walls’s desk, had something to do with that. Nevertheless, there was more, far more, that troubled the harried Reverend. He just sensed something supernaturally wicked about Huffines, and even more so about this object that the latter wished to exhibit upon church property.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Pastor Walls,” Huffines went on. “It is a meteorite, and this festival marks the one-hundredth anniversary of its arrival in our little town of Essex, Maryland.”

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23 Responses to City Paper interviews the “Don Juan of Satanism”

  1. My response to the slanderous antisemitic libel found in Van Smith’s article for the Baltimore City Paper is now available at:

  2. Read the book of horror fiction that City Paper “journalist” Van Smith thinks is real! WEIRD ADVENTURES: SHADOWS OVER BALTIMORE by Dr. Daniel Rumanos!!

  3. Bill Hartley says:

    I need all info you have on Daniel Rumanos he wrote this about where I work and got me fired Let’s get this guy!

  4. A fair warning to all. says:

    Step into the light and see that this elderly mentally deranged man, whom refers to himself as Daniel Rumanos, is in fact a serial stalker of young women in the area. The pedophilia claim is not just “performance art”, as he is still to this day a predator of underage women. The younger the better in his mind. There is something seriously wrong with this individual. He should be locked up and given the help he needs, as well as being kept far away from the public. I have experienced this first hand and had countless other young women share their harassment from this intrusive aggressive predator. Stay far away and do not engage with this man for your own personal safety.

    As a side note, he uses the names of real people in his writings. They are just stories. What he writes about these poor individuals does not have anything to do with the truth or their actual character and real lives. Again, these are just science fiction stories he is writing.

  5. EE says:

    You need to be castrated, Daniel Rumanos. I’ll volunteer. You should have no pride, only shame. I’m worse than any demon than you could ever summon. I hope for my own sake, that we should never meet.

  6. Dirtbag killer says:

    Hi dirt bag, do you have an empty garbage bag handy and an alley you prefer? If not we’ll float you in the ghetto harbor like the rest of the Baltimore garbage.

  7. Donald Ramanos says:

    You forgot to mention his musty old man smell

  8. David Moran says:

    To “Donald Ramanos”: Yes, you often smell it on your daughter.

  9. Donald Ramanos says:

    To “David Moran” yeah i noticed the smell of failure mixed in with bad body odor and straight away i thought of you.. wonder if this page will be taken down like your monster men interview on youtube they obviously don’t want anything to do with perverts like you.

  10. Errol Flynn says:

    I like my whiskey old and my women young.

  11. Donald Ramanos says:

    It’s about time social networking sites banned this known pedophile and his various accounts. Oh good! They have!

  12. Harper Korch says:

    No, they have not. Get a life, Don Wingo. How’s little Stacy?


    Stacy Jaygo lay languidly on her bed reading a large book that was bound in high-quality leather, with only a thin, semitransparent sheet partially covering her lithe, young body. She brushed her slender hand slowly through her hair, to which she had recently added streaks of orange and blue to the usual black. The girl closed her enchanting green eyes and tried to picture the book’s hero, wondering what it would be like to actually meet him. He was so much different from the men she had known. Men like her father and his friends.

    Stacy’s bedroom, there in the large house in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, was decorated in a very “Old World” style, with Victorian wainscoting and many other quaint touches. It all had a hint of the bizarre, however. Over the young girl’s bed was a sculpture of an “angel”, carven in jet-black wood, its eyes a pair of crimson jewels that caught the light and seemed to move like dripping blood. The cross that hung close by was inverted.

    Again, Stacy pondered what the book’s brave protagonist would think of all this — of her life, her family, the destiny that she had been taught from early childhood was hers. He certainly would not approve, but would he help her? Would he come and destroy those around her and sweep her up in his arms and…?

    “Stacy!” shouted a male voice from her door. “Get dressed and ready! We have to get to the restaurant for that presentation!”

    “All right, Dad,” the teenager responded, trying to hide the annoyance in her voice.

    Stacy Jaygo then stood up, the room’s soft lighting glistening off the pale white skin of her nude form. She began to walk over to her wardrobe. The young girl stopped, however, and picked up the book she had left on the bed. She then placed it carefully under her pillow, where she hoped her father would not find it.

    Stacy knew that her father would be very angry if he found out that she had been reading that particular book; forsooth if he could even understand how she actually felt about it. She had often heard him absolutely rail against the book’s swashbuckling hero, voicing threats of extreme graphic violence, of grotesque tortures and obscenely terrifying death against him. Stacy indeed knew that even a glance at the volume’s title would very likely in itself be quite enough to send the old man into a paroxysm of rage. Stacy Jaygo smiled, however, as she saw that title. She picked the book up again and kissed it, her warm lips lingering over the name of its noble hero, printed as it was in gold lettering on the cover as a part of that title:

    The Weird Adventures of Dr. Daniel Rumanos …

    My name is RUMANOS — DR. DANIEL RUMANOS, Intergalactic Man of Mystery. Although I have the physical appearance of an human being — a tall, strongly-built gentleman with dark hair and strikingly-handsome Anglo-Semitic features — I am in reality far more than this. For I do carry within my blood the superior genes of the legendary Watchers of the Daemon-Star ALGOL; this extraterrestrial heritage granting me numerous powers and abilities that appear “magic” or “supernatural” to the people of planet Earth.

    The vast majority of Algolites, Masters of all Space and Time, tend to live in isolation from the rest of the Universe. However, there does exist hidden deeply within the government of our people a secret service agency known as the KOSMIKOS or Cosmic Intervention Department. The purpose of the Kosmikos is to covertly intercede in cases that threaten the security of existence anywhere throughout the incalculable reaches of Creation. Plausible Deniability and all that. I am an operative of this organisation, stationed upon Earth from whence I work undercover in cases involving paranormal espionage.

    I am greatly aided in my tasks by my breathtakingly beautiful and eternally-youthful wife, LADY KATRINA RUMANOS. Tall, slender, with gorgeous ginger hair and lovely eyes that shine like pale sapphires. Originally a young, nobly-blooded Earth girl, Katrina had been especially gifted with amazing powers by the Kosmikos, in order to stand as my companion and helpmate in our many varied amazing and incredible adventures upon Earth and indeed throughout all the unknowable vastness of Time and Space.

    This is one of my own many adventures, just one of our exploits in the ongoing war against the forces of cosmic horror. Nevertheless, this one is different in its way. For it is also the story of Miss Stacy Jaygo — The Satanist Who Loved Me!!! …

    The intelligence that I received from the Kosmikos concerning the execrable occult criminal hight Mr. Dennis Jaygo (AKA “Dark Jaygo”) was this:

    Originally from Rockville, Maryland, Dennis Jaygo had revealed a good degree of intellect early on in life, showing the possibility of perhaps rising above his own working class origins. Nevertheless, this all changed during high school, when he became increasingly enamoured of Satanism and the occult. After perusing such texts as The Nephilim Bible by Zandor LeVay and the hideous Paul H. Gilmour’s Satanic and neo-Nazi periodical, The White Fire, Jaygo began practicing the dark rites of what is known to humankind as sorcery, necromancy, and black magic. Along the way, he acquired some criminal charges concerning the desecration of cemeteries and churches.

    It is even rumoured that at one time Dennis Jaygo had allowed his older brother, Eddie, to take the blame for a terrible crime — the crime of the kidnapping and sexual molestation of a little boy. Dennis Jaygo had accomplished this, it is said, by donning a bandanna of the same type that his older sibling was known to often wear whilst committing this unspeakably heinous act. Eddie Jaygo had for this served two-and-twenty years before finally dying in prison of cancer.

    The closest Dennis Jaygo had ever come to legitimate employment was the brief period he spent as bass player for a small-time heavy metal rock band called “The Criminal Saints.” Aside from this, occult con-artistry was his stock-in-trade. Eventually, Jaygo thought it best to leave the State of Maryland and settle in West Virginia, hoping that the locals there would be more gullible and that he could thus get away with even greater blasphemous activities in secret. What Jaygo did not realise is that he had been mentally “summoned” to the area where he had finally settled, the town of Harper’s Ferry, by a force of ancient and unmitigated evil.

    In sooth, it seems that the bizarre network of caves that lies secretly beneath the hills hard by Harper’s Ferry was harbouring the remains of a race of semi-corporeal extraterrestrials known as the Vassermen. These beings had, aeons and aeons ago, issued forth from their home in one of the dark galaxies of Sector 718. A species of amoral thought entities whose motto concerning all other beings was “the slaves shall serve“, they had in time filtered to Planet Earth and had become the secret gods of the native Cherokee people of what is now the West Virginia region, destroying and degrading their once-great culture so that it was found in a state of primitive savagery at the coming of the White Man.

    The horrid Vassermen (that appear as beings of slimy black mist with blinking eyes of deepest crimson) then went into hibernation in the caverns, awaiting the time when a new generation of worshippers wouldst appear and awaken them. It was Dennis Jaygo, who likened the Vassermen to the “demons” of his satanic fantasies, whom they eventually chose to be the leader (under their control) of that new generation of wickedness.

    Now, along the way of his grotesque life, Dennis Jaygo had briefly been married and had fathered a child. Jaygo’s wife had fled in horror when she learned certain details of his past, hiding herself in a Russian Orthodox convent from whence she was never heard of again. This left Jaygo with the custody of their daughter, Stacy, whom he had then blasphemously “baptised” and raised to be an adherent of the unsanctified rituals and ceremonies of Satanism. It is this poor child, now an attractive girl of teenage years, that Dennis Jaygo intended to utilise in a most horrifyingly perverse and ungodly manner, in order to invoke the powers of the Vassermen and indeed to bring them back from their long slumber under the hills.

    Jaygo, now in his forties, was aided in this unholy endeavour by two deplorable individuals who made up his small but unspeakably dangerous cult. The first of these was an overweight, bald-headed man by the name of Drew Wright, who himself had a history of rape allegation involving women and children. The other was Rod Savage, a former Baltimore-area radio producer who had developed a passion for what is euphemistically termed “the paranormal”. Savage, a thin man with dark hair and a pencil-thin moustache, also had a history of assault charges.

    Little did I know, as I set out alone from my secret Earth headquarters alone (my incomparable wife, Katrina, being at that time busy with an assignment elsewhere), that the mentalist influence of the Vassermen had warned Dennis Jaygo of my coming involvement, and that he, speaking to his pretty daughter at their home, Heiser House of Harper’s Ferry (Jaygo had “inherited” it from an elderly lady whom he had seduced and then poisoned, making it appear that the wealthy widow had died of an heart attack after willing him her property), instructed her thus:

    “Before we leave for the restaurant, be sure you remember as I have told you, Stacy. You must make him believe you have totally betrayed us. That absurdly chivalrous old Algolite nympholeptic narcissist must be convinced that he is ‘rescuing‘ you.”

    “Yes, Dad,” replied the girl, her eyes sparkling with desire at the hoped-for outcome of the plot. “You do promise he will live, and that you will give him to me?”

    “Of course, my child,” answered Jaygo, reaching his hand out to stroke his daughter’s hair. “We will prevent him from interfering with our plans, but you may have him after he has been made harmless.”

    “Oh Dad, really?!” exclaimed Stacy Jaygo with increasing excitement. “I can be with him forever?!”

    “Yes,” Jaygo reposted, only barely hiding his disdain at his daughter’s obvious affection for the one he considered his mortal enemy. “I do swear by all the Powers of Darkness: Daniel Rumanos shall be yours!!” …

    Clad in my usual silk suit, leathern greatcoat, jungle-boots, safari hat, and dark glasses, I blasted down the locked door of Appalachian Anna’s BBQ (a rather quaint restaurant built to resemble an antique train caboose) with my orange and blue Algolitish energies. The time for subtlety was ended, and I just wanted to halt the activities of the satanic filth Dennis Jaygo as quickly as possible.

    Jaygo’s “presentation” there that day was a private lecture on his activities as a “ghost hunter”. He had organised a fake business entitled “Specter Paranormal” (that being his idiotic American misspelling of the word Spectre) to serve as a front for his devil worship activities. As for the restaurant, it was an old Harper’s Ferry staple, and had been there so long that nobody could even remember who “Appalachian Anna” was. The establishment’s current owner, Chef Kenneth Flunkett, was away at a culinary convention in New York City. “Chef Ken”, as he was known locally, allowed Dennis Jaygo to use the restaurant for his talk due to the latter’s association with the late Mrs. Marie Heiser (the very woman Jaygo had murdered), who had been lauded as “a prominent local personage”.

    Upon stepping into Appalachian Anna’s BBQ restaurant, I was immediately met by Jaygo’s two shabbily-dressed cultic henchmen. As with all bullies, occult or otherwise, he obviously preferred to have others do his fighting for him.

    Drew Wright and Rod Savage stood before me. Neither spoke, but the profound hatred in their eyes spoke volumes indeed.

    “Two on one is hillbilly fun,” I pontificated.

    The two hideous henchmen suddenly leapt towards my person. I deftly stepped aside and delivered a burst of my own extraterrestrial energies to the back of their heads. To my surprise, they managed to recover from this and turned around to attack again — this signifying that they had already become partially possessed by the essence of the eldritch Vassermen, and were hence propelled by their diabolical, paranormal power.

    However, before they could reach me, I sent forth a colossal wave of my force, hitting them squarely and fully and completely obliterating them from existence. I briefly pondered if Jaygo had actually thought these two grotesque goons would actually be enough to stop me. If so, he was not as clever as I had been informed.

    I then looked around the restaurant. There was no evidence of Dennis Jaygo or anyone else being there. He obviously had fled at my arrival, likely using some form of mentally-focused teleportation. The dark essence within his pair of (now deceased) henchmen would have served to mask this from me.

    It was then that I heard a sound issuing from under one of the tables. It was a sound of sobbing, of a young girl crying. I stooped down and beheld a petite, rather pretty lass who was wearing a kind of “goth schoolgirl” outfit, her mouth blood-red with a glossy lipstick.

    “It’s all right, young lady,” I assured her whilst giving her a hand to come out from under the table. “They are gone and cannot harm you now. I’m Dr. Rumanos; and who might you be then?”

    “My name is Stacy,” she said, standing up. “I’m Dennis Jaygo’s daughter, but I hate him! He is so evil! Thank you so much for rescuing me, Dr. Rumanos! Thank you so very much!!”

    With this, the maiden threw her arms around me with a very extreme show of gratitude, her hot young body pressing hard against me. She stood on tiptoes and suddenly pressed her burning red lips to my mouth with a long, lingering, and ecstatic kiss.

    The pleasant sensation of this soon changed, however, as I was suddenly overcome with a wave of nausea. I felt my Algolite powers drain from me as Stacy Jaygo stepped back, a strange expression of triumph on her lovely face.

    “Your lipstick…,” I gasped as the pain increased within me. “It is laced with…”

    “Evaerlium,” said she with a girlish giggle. “But don’t worry, Dr. Daniel Rumanos. You see, Dad set it up so that you can be with me forever. I love you, and now you are mine! All mine!

    Stacy Jaygo then reached out and embraced me again, weak and stumbling as I was from the Evaerlium poisoning. I could not resist as she mentally attached herself to the residual powers of her evil father’s teleportation and we both vanished from the restaurant.

    Thus beguiled by the girl and now being transported to an unknown location, I was totally within the power of the Jaygos and that hideous cult of the Vassermen!

    I must have briefly passed out from the effects of the Evaerlium, as I awakened to find myself in a lofty cavern, this being part of the vast system of bizarre caves underneath the mountains of West Virginia. I could still taste the tingling effect of Stacy Jaygo’s venomous kiss burning upon my lips.

    Evaerlium, the substance with which her lip-gloss had been laced, is a type of mineral severely toxic to Algolites. It is said to originate from the area of the very edge of the known Universe, at the point from whence our ancestors first entered into the realm of physical existence. Some quantities of Evaerlium had been rumoured to be available on the occult black market for a time, and it is obvious that the horrendously wicked Dennis Jaygo had acquired it specifically for the use of this plot to lure me by way of his young daughter.

    I was lying prostrate upon the stony ground of the cave as I looked up around me. A sickly phosphorescence shone from the walls, but most of the illumination came from an huge incense burner upon which Jaygo had heaped copious amounts of unlawful narcotic herbs.

    At the centre of the cavern was a sizeable lake of disgustingly brackish water, and a certain emanation of pure evil issuing forth from it indicated it to be the hiding place of the eldritch essences of the phantasmagorical Vassermen.

    Dennis Jaygo himself stood at the shore of the mephitic lake, clad in his black ceremonial wizard’s robes, his long dark hair framing a once-handsome but now debauched countenance. His daughter stood beside him.

    “Welcome to your nightmare, Rumanos!” mocked Dennis Jaygo. “I knew you could not resist the embrace of my little cutie here!”

    Stacy giggled with a mixture of pride and obvious desire as she eyed me lustfully.

    “And now, Daemon-Star,” continued Jaygo amidst peals of his own demoniacal laughter. “I will bring forth the power of the Vassermen and receive the gifts they have promised me! The gifts I am to receive in exchange for giving them you to devour!”

    Stacy Jaygo turned her head to her felonious father in shock.

    “Dad, no!” she screamed. “You promised I could have him! You promised! I LOVE HIM! You promised him for me!!”

    “Quiet, child!” retorted Dennis Jaygo with a backhanded slap across the damsel’s face. “The Vassermen have no further use for you, as neither have I! You and your fatal kiss have served our purposes, and now you can join your ‘beloved Daniel Rumanos’ as a most fitting sacrifice to our masters!

    “Behold them!” shouted the madman Jaygo as the black, slimy shapes of the Vassermen began to rise from the brackish pit. “Behold the ones who will now be supreme rulers of Earth; with me as their vice-regent, in supreme power over the entire race of humankind! First I will be Mayor of this mountain paradise of Harper‘s Ferry and then… Emperor of Earth!!”

    Suddenly, Stacy Jaygo ran over and knelt done beside me.

    “Dr. Rumanos, please,” she begged. “Help me! I’m so sorry for what I did! I only did it because I love you and wanted to be with you so much! Please, save me — stop them and save this world! Please! I LOVE YOU!!!”

    Now, it may be that the particular strain of Evaerlium utilised by Dennis Jaygo was just not that powerful. It may be that the admixture of lipstick and human saliva weakened it. On the other hand, it may in truth have been something else entirely that enabled me to suddenly overcome its debilitating effects and to stand up on my feet, my Algolitish powers fully restored. It may have been due to the feeling that young girl had for me, an emotion that is said to have strength to overcome the most evil machinations of devils and demons. Forsooth, it may have been — the Power of that which is called LOVE!

    I unleashed a mighty surge of my orange and blue energies directly at Dennis Jaygo, draining him of his paranormal powers and causing him to stumble backwards; backwards into the awaiting clutches of the hideous Vassermen, those ancient creatures of horror then devouring him body and soul before themselves sinking back powerlessly into that subterraneous lake. I knew their time was short, the alien beings having reached out mentally to Dennis Jaygo as a final effort to prolong their already-aged existence. The Vassermen would be no more.

    Stacy Jaygo survived and, freed of the evil influence of her father, turned out to be a quite nice young lady. Without his ungodly teachings, she now experienced for me a much more properly filial affection than before. Indeed, Katrina and I adopted the little lass and changed her name, eventually sending her to study at Cambridge, where she has since achieved some renown with her essays in the field of comparative religion.


  14. Daniel's Mom says:

    Daniel Rumanos likes little boys

  15. Daniel's Mom says:

    Has anyone seen my Daniel lately? He ran away some weeks ago after hearing that the police were looking for him and hasn’t been home since. I’m worried you see because his dinner has gone really quite cold by now.

  16. floam says:

    we know where you are danny. the noose is getting tighter.

  17. Gin777 says:

    This man is not only a horrid author he is also a sick pedofile who thinks it’s a good idea to take photos of people’s children off Facebook well he’s been reported to the FBI for cyber crimes hopefully he will be arrested soon

  18. Virginia says:

    Does anyone actually read this word vomit noone I know wants to read this profiles sick demented writing

  19. Anonymous says:

    His shit just hit the fan.. He took pics of my friends lil kid… He’s fucked now =)

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