A young, svelte, clean-shaven Scott Huffines is interviewed in the documentary “Sowebohemian,” where he says “Sowebo is an excuse to drink!” Also look out for music by Blister Freak Circus and a cameo appearance by Tom Warner‘s hands holding up a flyer for Billy McConnell’s band Zim Zowie.

This clip was posted by the Film Foundry, who describe the clip as a “documentary on the Sowebohemian Arts Festival in Baltimore, Maryland (1994).”

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6 Responses to SoWeBohemian

  1. really? this is the name of your blog? dude, you need some more soundtrack.

  2. Tom Warner says:

    Billy, like Elvis you are everywhere.Timeless, throughout history. Are you one of the Undead?

  3. …the bats have left the bell tower, the victims have been bled

  4. Tom Warner says:

    Bela Lugosi’s dead?

  5. …red velvet lines the black box

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