Police Divorce Zorita And Snake (1951)

(The Baltimore Sun, 5/13/1951)

A tender moment between a semi-clad dancer and a black, bull snake was shattered last night by the strident voice of the law, and the dancer, torn from her snake, was booked by police for performing an indecent night-club act.

The amorous scene was reaching its climax in the Two O’clock Club, on East Baltimore street, when a member of the audience broke the spell with the cry: “Stop!”

It was Sergt. Joseph Byrne, accompanied by three other policemen in plain clothes. As they later described it, the dancer, “Zorita,” was cuddling her 7-foot snake in a provocative manner.

“Zorita.” booked at Central Police Station, gave her name as Mrs. Ada Petrillo and said she was 28. She was freed on $42.90 collateral in time to perform in the 1 o’clock show.

The snake was not charged.

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