Recalling My Career as a Gino’s Girl

By Mary Hoffman (, 4/11/2011)

“…Like most girls, I worked the counter waiting on customers. Only on occasions were the counter girls allowed to work the grill. And yes, it’s true, we applied that special Gino Giant sauce with a gadget that resembled a caulk gun.

Each night, we’d get a break and I’d make my own meal. Double cheeseburgers were not on the menu, let alone double cheeseburgers with Giant sauce, but that was my standard dinner each shift I worked. Once in a while, I’d have a keel with fries instead of the cheeseburger.

Anyone remember keels? Oh man, that was the best piece of chicken. It was all white meat with this little flexible bone-like thing down the back. Some referred to the keel as “the last part over the fence.” Heck, I didn’t care what they called it. I called it a GREAT dinner! Back then the chicken was fried in a big pressure cooker, timed to be sure it was prepared perfectly.”

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  1. Bobble says:

    In an earlier post about Gino’s I commented about the promotion they did with the little football helmets. Pretty stoked to see a picture of them in this post.

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