Tribune Co. to auction Sun collection of 7,000+ Bodine prints

By William P. Tandy (Eight Stone Press, 11/15/2011)

A. Aubrey Bodine

A Baltimore Sun photographer for nearly 50 years, A. Aubrey Bodine documented life in Baltimore and around Maryland from the 1920s until his death in 1970. Decades before Photoshop and desktop publishing, Bodine perfected his technique in the darkroom. His photography was exhibited the world over, winning many regional, national and even international competitions; he was, in fact, the first American photographer to have a solo exhibition in the former Soviet Union. Today, his name, for many, is as synonymous with the city as the Orioles and Old Bay.

This Saturday, November 17, The Baltimore Sun (or rather the Sun’s parent entity, the Chicago-based Tribune Company) will auction off the paper’s collection of more than 7,000 original Bodine prints at Alex Cooper Auctioneers in Towson, Maryland. Jennifer Bodine, the photographer’s daughter and curator of the website, would like nothing more than to see this collection remain intact and properly cared for so that future generations might continue to appreciate this fantastic window into mid-20th century Baltimore. Nevertheless, there’s a very good chance that Saturday’s auction will effectively scatter the collection to the winds of time.

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