The Ice Was So Thick You Could Drive Your Truck Across the River in Essex

Commenter: “Jack and Mort Deckelman with the car and truck on the ice near the Sea Gull Inn (now The River Watch). The ice was over 3′ thick back then…Those were the days.”

Another commenter: “I remember that year very well. Had my 68 SS Chevelle out on the ice. I figured if the ice would hold Mort’s big truck it would hold my Chevy. I think it was about 1976 or 77.”

Another commenter: “I can not remember seeing your 68 ss out there but I can still recall seeing Corvettes, towtrucks and motorcycles. I never got over to Martins lagoon where they were getting on, I believe the police finally got wind of it and stopped it. Over at the SEA Gull the ice started to brake up at the boat ramp where they were getting on.”

Another commenter: “I actually got on at the Sea Gull ramp. Then when the tide came in i needed gas and couldn’t get off because of the water. I drove over to Martins Lagoon to get off there and get gas.When i got there musta been 5 police cars setting there. Well i didn’t want to run out so i took my chances and got off anyway. The police just waved at me and that was it.I went right back on the ice and told Benny Markley and a few others so we all got off there went to the Amoco buy Mars and filled up and went back past the police and got back on the ice. Steve,i will never forget that day cause it was so crazy a thing to do. I remember going about 50 or so and just cutting the wheel and just spinning in circles for what seemed forever.The first time i did it i had my windows down and that was a big mistake cause my car filled up with snow. After that i was sure to put them up. I think that was a once in a lifetime thing to do and i was lucky enough to get to do it.”

Photo from the Middleborough, Maryland in Essex, Maryland Facebook page.

middleborough-ice1 middleborough-ice02fix middleborough-ice03fix


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