A Mysterious Death At Baltimore’s The Belvedere

By Benn Ray (Atomic Books Blog, 3/21/2012)

In this month’s issue of Fortean Times (#286), local author Mikita Brottman has an article involving the curious 2006 death of Rey Rivera, a 32 year old financial writer working for Agora called “Death on the thirteenth floor”.

Rivera fell from the 13th floor of The Belvedere (one of our favorite buildings in Baltimore, also featured in the AMC show Mad Men) and wasn’t discovered until a little over a week later when tenants began to complain about a smell.

The real mystery, Brottman’s article reveals, comes from the Masonic connections.

“Confounding the mystery further, Rivera’s death involved a number of obscure Masonic elements, one of these being the unusual phrase beginning and ending the note found taped to his computer: ‘Whom virtue unites, death cannot separate.’ In its Latin form, this phrase was used in ceremonies performed by the Knights Templar, and it is still inscribed in the inside of Masonic rings. Rivera’s family and friends recall that, in the time leading up to his death, he had become increasingly fascinated by Masonic secrets.”

Had Rivera gotten too close to something he shouldn’t have? Was he asking questions he shouldn’t be asking? Or did he commit suicide?

Decide for yourself after checking out all the details in Brottman’s piece – which also involves an anti-government right wing extremist, FBI behavioral experts, mind control, and a meeting with a Mason the day of his disappearance.

And it all takes place in Mt. Vernon in Baltimore.

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One Response to A Mysterious Death At Baltimore’s The Belvedere

  1. Magallanes says:

    Stansbury’s people had him killed- period- no way its a suicide- the distance from roof outward to the hole is impossible to reach–
    stansbury goes quiet- lawyers up- But Thats what Friends are for– College Friend
    Porter stansbury gets him to work for him– to this end–Ray was set up to be killed-
    Mason stuff is smoke n mirrors like TRump- bullshit–

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