Atomic TV’s Labor Day Cookout Episode

Since our “Porn” episode was yanked off the air by the cable high sheriffs, we’ve decided to nix the sex (at least temporarily) and return to Atomic TV’s other entertainment staples–food and music–in this week’s new ATOMIC TV LABOR DAY COOKOUT special…Forget about the wind-chill factor as you watch Scott Huffines celebrating meat-eating over an open summer grill, while Tom Warner celebrates his newfound foot fetish with some binge shrimp-eating… all at a Labor Day cookout in Turkey Point, Essex–Baltimore’s very own Redneck Riviera… As usual, music is provided by house band Garage Sale but you’ll also see music vids by They Might Be Giants, The Ramones, and mystery guests Dr. Demonia and El Mysterioso–even a rare clip of Jerry Lewis playing a theremin! See celebrity guests John Waters, Chastity Darling (“Void”) and Lil’ Kim Garman (“Switchblade Sisters”)…plus tributes to Traci Lords and Mr. Water’s latest opus, “Pecker”!

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