Video Shows MTA Bus Driver Fighting With A Teen Passenger

(WJZ, 11/13/2012)

Caught on camera–dramatic and disturbing new video shows an MTA bus driver fighting with a passenger. Now the agency is taking action.

Mike Hellgren spoke with the woman who shot the video.

She says this was alarming to her as a regular rider. It happened at Baltimore and Paca streets Monday around 2 p.m. The driver is on leave until the investigation is over.

The video shows an MTA bus driver — who’s now been suspended — entangled in a fight with a high school student who was riding on her bus. That fight continues for roughly 30 more seconds as other passengers get out of the way. They struggled, moving from one end of the bus to the other, before things calmed down.

The bus driver went to the front while those who watched it unfold asked her how it happened.

The woman who shot the fight says it started when the driver thought the teenage passenger was playing her music too loudly and stopped the bus to confront her. She asked us to conceal her identity.

Continue reading “Video Shows MTA Bus Driver Fighting With A Teen Passenger” at CBS Baltimore.


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