Man finds caterpillar with face of Edgar Allan Poe

caterpillar with human face

Real or fake? Man claims to have found face on caterpillar
(KATU News, 7/23/2015)

TOUTLE, Wash. – Robert Palmer was giving his horse some water a few weeks back when he says he spied this fuzzy little face looking back at him from the side of the trough.

“My first thought was to crush it with my cane, then I thought, no, it looks so strange, I’m going to take a picture of it, “said Palmer.

Blown away by the pattern’s likeness to a human face, Palmer tells KATU News he snapped this photo and he’s been asking experts about what type of caterpillar he’d seen.

“I’m going to be 70 in November. And I’ve never seen a bug with a human face staring back at me,” said Palmer.

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(Hat tip to Dangerous Minds)

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