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Rainy Night on Baltimore Street, “The Block,” 1961

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Baltimore’s Block, 1957: Cop on the Beat

(Md. Historical Society Photographs, 10/3/2012) Cop on the beat East Baltimore Street, Baltimore September 16, 1957 Robert Kniesche (1906-1976) 4 x 5 inch negative Kniesche Collection, ca. 1920-1970 Maryland Historical Society PP79.564

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Gayety Theatre, 1935

(Md. Historical Society Photographs, 8/22/2012) Gayety Theatre 405 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore ca. 1935 John Dubas (fl. 1904-1973) 8 x 10 inch film negative Baltimore City Life Museum Collection Maryland Historical Society MC9253 .1 Tags: maryland historical society

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Hard-core Nostalgia: R. H. Gardner Remembers Old Baltimore

By Peter Kumpa (The Baltimore Sun, 12/12/1990) There was once a Baltimore where one could walk the streets without worrying about getting mugged, where one traveled by street car, when real people lived in the city and those in Glen … Continue reading

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