“Carne Cabeza” — The Next “Wild Bill” Hagy?

Carne Cabeza (literal translation: “Meat Head”) — Baltimore Or Less was so impressed that we immediately bestowed upon him the official title of Baltimoron.

Baltimore’s New Divine! The Masked Orioles Fan!

By Scott Carberry (Baltimore Boy, 8/12/2012)

“Did everyone see this guy today during the broadcast of the Orioles-KC Royals game today?

I am of course, referring to the naked guy in the black and orange luchador mask? He looks very “where’s Waldo-y”. I saw him during the telecast and thought it was kinda funny but was primarily concerned with the Orioles pulling out another close victory. Apparently this guy was really giving Camden Yards a show. It was enough of a show that it made the Washington Post. I got all of these photos from their website! More proof that DC’s got a boner for Baltimore.”

Continue reading “Baltimore’s New Divine! The Masked Orioles Fan!” at Scott Carberry’s Baltimore Boy.

(Carne Cabeza photo by Kristin Powell on Instagram)

Carne Cabeza has no problems attracting muchachas muy bonitas.


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  1. muchachas muy bonitas! i love it!

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