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A Good Cow Electrocuted in Baltimore (1901)

Scott’s note: Mary Nickel was my great-great-great grandmother, the first of the Nickels to come to Baltimore from Bavaria. She operated a dairy farm near Dundalk. My mother Mary Jacqueline was named after her. Good Cow Electrocuted (9/24/1901) A valuable cow, … Continue reading

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What’s Up with the Golden Eggs?

Disgraced Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon visited the shit plant before her sentencing and resignation from office.

By J.K.O’Neill (The Dundalk Eagle, 11/24/198, updated 04/03/2008)

As most people around here know, those golden, egg-shaped towers that rear in majestic, near-eldritch splendor over Eastpoint Mall, North Point Boulevard and the Beltway have something to do with the city-owned Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant, that good neighbor that has brought such joy into the lives of area residents for nearly a century.

But, prior to this week’s question, I, like many others, had no idea what these towers were supposed to do. Why they were painted gold seemed an easy question to answer. Obviously the City of Baltimore, in its infinite wisdom, wished to have a sewage treatment plant that was, on sunny days, visible from space. This was done so that passing aliens, curious as to our level of civilization, could quickly and conveniently establish that we had developed advanced technology to eliminate our elimination, and thus determine that we are not so easy to conquer. According to this plan, the aliens would then go elsewhere for easier pickings. Continue reading

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Burlesque and the Girl on the Sign at the Gayety Theater

I Remember… Burlesque and the Girl on the Sign at the Gayety Theater By John H. Nickel, The Sun Magazine, 5/31/1970 I don’t have much heart to go down to The Block anymore. The flavor of it has been gone … Continue reading

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Memories of “Old” Middle River by Jackie Nickel

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